Today we started our dog walking nice and early and we welcomed another new starter Buddie, we think he enjoyed himself, do you? Literally the happiest spaniel in the world in his pictures! Bruno, Buster and Minnie all loved him and they all spent the whole time running round playing chase me 😍 even Parker got involved!

Next were Max, Max, Skye and Ted. They had the best time running around together, Skye loves having Ted with her because he is the only one who can keep up with her and the Max’s are the best of friends, it was definitely “bestie day” for this group this afternoon, fabulous dog walking session!

Then we spiced things up at Redditch Dog Walking and put Alan and Arlo with Kaiser and Missy. Alan definitely doesn’t realise he is at least half the size of the others he tries his little heart out to keep up with them! Arlo was perfect as always and took a liking to Missy❤️.

Finally we had Maisie’s training walk, we really cracked it up a notch and she only got clicked when she allowed Max to run past her without barking at him! She realised what I wanted straight away and spent the rest of the walk trotting along next to him nice and calmly. I am so happy with her progress to think when we first met me she was terrified, wouldn’t come from under the stairs and the first time she met Max she spent the WHOLE time barking at him! She makes me so proud when our walking😍.Bulldog Redditch Dog  Walking Bulldog Redditch Dog Walking Cavashon Redditch Dog Walking Golden Retriever Redditch Dog Walking Beagle Husky Redditch Dog Walking Husky Redditch Dog Walking Labrador - Redditch Dog Walking Boxer Spaniel Redditch Dog Walking

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