• Signature of the Registration form will be counted as acceptance of the following Redditch Dog Walking Terms and Conditions.
  • Redditch Dog Walking will not confirm the first booking until a full consultation has been held with the client, and registration form has been returned.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to provide all necessary and sufficient equipment for their dog whilst in Redditch Dog Walking care, including, but not limited to; dog collar with tag, leads, bedding (if required), food (if required), medications (if required), personalised comforters, etc. If not provided, the client agrees to fully reimburse Redditch Dog Walking for associated costs to supply.
  • All animals must be microchipped.
  • The client must declare any potential behavioural problems at time of initial consultation (and ongoing accordingly) including, but not limited to anxiety, anti-social behaviours etc. in order for Redditch Dog Walking to provide adequate care for client’s pet.
  • The client must declare any medical issues or health related concerns at time of initial consultation (and ongoing accordingly) in order to allow consideration of such issues during the dog’s time in Redditch Dog Walking care.
  • The client agrees that Redditch Dog Walking can tailor walks/care when weather conditions become such that it is deemed a concern for animal’s welfare, such as extreme heat or thunder storms.
  • In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made by Redditch Dog Walking to use the client’s registered veterinary practice. However, if this is not possible, Redditch Dog Walking reserve the right to use a veterinary practise of their choice in order to give the animal the best help at that time.
  • All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, worming, tick and flea treatments
  • If client prefers/agrees to their dog being exercised off lead, please note this in the booking form accordingly. In doing so client accepts responsibility for any risks therein and third-party liability.
  • Redditch Dog Walking are fully insured to look after client’s pets. However, it is recommended that animals are also insured by clients themselves, including third party liability.
  • Redditch Dog Walking are happy to accept bookings for un-spayed bitches, however if client believes their dog is due in season whilst in Redditch Dog Walking’s care they must be informed. Redditch Dog Walking will make every effort to protect client’s bitch from unwanted male attention, but cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur and/or resultant unwanted pregnancies.
  • The client must provide Redditch Dog Walking with the name and contact number of someone capable of making a decision relating to the dog(s) in an emergency. If the contact is not available, Redditch Dog Walking reserves the right to consult with the registered veterinary practise and make a decision which is mutually decided to be in the best interest of the animal.
  • The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst pets are in the care of Redditch Dog Walking, including any additional fees such as emergency call-out charges. These must be settled with Redditch Dog Walking immediately upon collection of the animal.
  • Redditch Dog Walking will care for client’s animals as they do their own, and whilst every effort possible is made to ensure client’s pets receive the very best care, Redditch Dog Walking cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home.

Dog Walking:

  • Full payment of services is to be made within 7 days of invoice.
  • 24 hours’ notice is required for cancellations. Services cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at full rate.

Training / Other Services:

  • Full payment of services is to be made within 7 days of invoice.
  • 24 hours’ notice is required for cancellations. Services cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at full rate.

Redditch Dog Walking promise to client:

  • The welfare of the client’s dog(s) will always be paramount.
  • Redditch Dog Walking will treat each client’s dog(s) as it would its own and will do everything within its power to ensure dogs are safe, healthy and happy at all times.
  • Redditch Dog Walking will never put a client’s dog(s) in a situation that is dangerous or distressing.
  • Redditch Dog Walking will always do its best to be accommodating, flexible and helpful to the client where able.
  • In the highly unlikely event Redditch Dog Walking is required to cancel arranged services, through no issue arising from the client, Redditch Dog Walking will give as much notice as possible whilst first doing all they can to arrange alternative solutions.
  • 4 weeks’ notice will be given to the client of any planned permanent changes to arranged services, such as terms and conditions/availability/prices.

Do you agree to the terms above?