Ever since I can remember I have loved animals

I was born into a family of animal lovers and brought up in my auntie's rescue, surrounded by every animal I could imagine. Over the years growing up I have been involved in hand rearing puppies/kittens/lambs and even a squirrel once, walking and training rescue dogs, fostering cats and dogs alongside owning my own dogs, cats and ponies.

Rescue spaces

We currently have 3 of our own boxer dogs, two of which are rescue dogs and two human babies. I am instilling my love for animals into them and they are following in my footsteps and enjoying the same lifestyle.

All my spare time that isn’t spent with my family is given to Animal Lifeline UK, we work tirelessly to get dogs out of death-row and into rescue spaces across the UK.

Understanding dog behaviour

My passion for rescue animals drove me further into exploring different training methods and the psychology behind the different species, I wanted to gain more understanding so I could comfort them when they looked so totally baffled by the new situation they had found theirselves in and reacted out of fear and anxiety.

By this point I had also convinced my husband to adopt one of our foster dogs who came with a host of her own issues. This made me even more determined to understand dog behaviour and which training methods would help with her reactions towards other dogs.

Skills, knowledge and experience

Whilst my love for animals was strong, it always remained in the background as I pursued my working career in Psychology and Educational Training.

I now find myself with two young babies and my desire to work with animals stronger than ever so I am hoping to put my skills, knowledge and experience into practise and embark on this new venture.

Bespoke services

I also am happy to talk about any bespoke services you may need that are not advertised below, please get in touch for more information.

Our services

Everything we offer; from dog walking to obedience training.
Redditch Dog Walking

Fun Obedience Group Training

£3 a 45 minute session

I currently hold an obedience training group on a Monday evening, the groups are all mixed ability, all ages and very lighthearted.

We cover the basics of sit, down and stand stay, heel on and off lead, recall, retrieve, food refusal and more in an easy and fun way.

This group is not meant to make anyone a Crufts champion but just to create a stronger bond between owner and dog.

Redditch Dog Walking

1:1 Behavioural Training

£15 an hour

I also do a training at home service which is tailored to you and your dog to work around your own personal training needs. We can focus on any issues you may have with your dogs behaviour and use positive reinforcement to overcome these issues.

Dog Walking in Redditch

Pet Popins

£8 for 30 minutes

A Pet Popin is perfect if you have an elderly dog who may not be up for a walk but would still like some TLC and fuss to break up their day.

Or puppies who have not had their injections yet and need some company in the day and not to mention a personal chef to prepare and serve their lunch of course.

What humans are saying

A few words from some proud parents :)
Holly-anne West

Holly-anne West

* * * * *

"Jess is the loveliest person I’ve ever met, I currently take my GSD Lexi to her obedience classes, Lexi went in not being able to even breathe the same air as another dog, a few classes down the line and now she walks into a room with about 12 other dogs in and settles almost straight away. She has progressed so much already I never thought Lexi would ever be able to be in a room of dogs! all thanks to Jess. She really does have a true love for animals!"

Kiera Southall

Kiera Southall

* * * * *

"Absolutely recommend Jess 100%, I take my labrador Murray to her class on Monday night. He loves it so much and so do I! It's so nice getting to know other people and their dogs! He has really progressed and I have saw a difference. Jess is great at what she does and knows what she is doing! I haven’t yet had her for dog sitting or walking but I am sure I would have the same great experience."

Jon Higgins

Jon Higgins

* * * * *

"Jess has walked our dog for us on several occasions and has been excellent every time. With our dog being an exempt breed and fairly quirky it was important that we could really trust our walker and jess goes above and beyond. She has helped us to understand our dogs behaviour and socialise her with other dogs too making us feel safe and relaxed throughout. I wouldn't have anybody else to walk my dog."

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