Another fun filled day of swimming lessons (including me at one point 🙈) and dog walks.

We stared with Barney, Buster, Buddie, Minnie and Skye. Minnie and Barney fell in love, I assume over their mutual love of being tramps, anything boggy to have swimming lessons through and anything stinky to roll in and they are both there. Buddie made a friend for life with Skye as well, they both love a crazy run around!

Next out was Max, Max, Ted and Marla and love was in the air yet again. Ted and Marla were literally joined at the hip, playing together running in and out the water the whole walk. Max and Max took the opportunity to have some male Beagle bonding time  The Maxes are total water babies so took the oppurtunity to give Marla some swimming lessons.

Next Bruno, Arlo, Parker and Alan were joined by Maggie and Peggy on their walk which made for a pretty big dog walking crew. They all happily trotted around together and then went swimming whenever we came across water. Arlo and Bruno had their first proper swimming lesson, with Parker, Maggie and Peggy showing them how it’s done. Alan wasn’t overly keen so as I went down the bank to try encourage him in he made a quick et away which left me on my arse in the water 🙈.

Maisie was out next for her training walk with Max. She did perfectly and didn’t do her usual bark and charge at him once, she even tried to run and play with him a couple of times which was lovely, I love watching her grow in confidence out on her walks. It was only a few walks ago she spent the whole time barking and running at Max or any other dog she past. She is being a little superstar.

Finally Maisie and Mitch were out for their walk, we trotted alongside Coughton Ford dipping in and out of the river the whole time for their swimming lessonsBeagle Swimming Lessons Redditch Dog Walking Bulldog Swimming Lessons Redditch Dog Walking Bulldog Swimming Lessons Redditch Dog Walking Cavashon Swimming Lessons Redditch Dog Walking Staffie Swimming Lessons Redditch Dog Walking Spaniel Swimming Lessons Redditch Dog Walking Golden Retriever Swimming Lessons Redditch Dog Walking Collie Swimming Lessons Redditch Dog Walking. They were perfect little walking companions to finish today’s walks.