All the dogs have been on there best behaviour on their walks for me today, I am feeling a bit poorly and they must have known because there was no singing in the car, no rolling in cow/fox poo, no running off at home time, no giving me a heart attack trotting over to say hello to cows. There was one incident where a couple of them tag teamed me and decked me on the car park but I’ll let it slide!

Firstly me and Alfie had a lovely walks around the fields despite a cow blocking the gate we needed to go through giving me a near heart attack. Finally she moved after a few attempts of “move please cow”, “please cow move”, “come on I am a vegetarian please be nice and move”. Whilst we were on a walk we got talking to a man about the nature reserve and with all the water drying up he showed me all the fish right on the surface and all the herons around ready to get them. He told me to call environmental health to ask them to move the fish to a safer place. They won’t act on one phone call but they might with multiple so please call 0800 80 70 60 and help the fishies 🐟.

Next out were Floppy Ears and groupie Freddie, we had a lovely walks around the fields and swim in the river. They even kindly gave me a cool down when they got out the river and all decided to shake off together where I was sittingΒ πŸ˜‚

Buddie joined the Maxes on their walks today and after their malicious plot to take me down in the car park succeeded they obviously felt bad and were on their bestest behaviour! Max 2 loved having Buddie to run around with, he loves anyone who likes to play as much as he does!

Next Dolly and Rodney came out for their walks around Forge Mill, they have been so good on they walks they are now both off the long lineΒ πŸ™ŒπŸΌ. They both went for a paddle in the water to cool off and played the whole way back to the car 😍.

Finally Buster joined Max, Lola, Keira and Ruby for their walksCavashon Redditch Dog Walk Spaniel Redditch Dog Walk Boxer Spaniel Bulldog Redditch Dog Walk Beagle Reddiitch Dog Walk Spaniel Cavashon Redditch Dog Walk Rescue Dog Redditch Dog Walk Labrador Redditch Dog Walk around the fields and then a cool down and play in the garden! It was too hot for these short faces to be going too far and they all appreciated a hose off in the garden😍

Thank you to those of you that rescheduled your walks so I could have a couple of hours break before training this evening! Finally starting to feel a bit better… bring on obedience training laterΒ 

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