Winter walking, its a new year for Redditch Dog Walking.

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Redditch Winter Walking

Welcome back, winter walks have been well underway, its been a busy winter for us here at Redditch Dog Walking! For example, we have taken on even more of your fur babies who are all loving their time here with us. We have had about an average of 70 walks a week and some weeks reaching up to 100+ throughout January!!.

From muddy walks to icy and snowy walks – we have done it all.

Walking in winter conditions can be quite challenging for us but the Redditch Dog Walking team take everything in their stride, as we love what we do and are always reliable whatever the weather!

Keep posted as from next week we will have weekly post about all your fur-babies, and what they get up to on their walks here with us at Redditch Dog Walking.

It’s the humans that have been causing chaos here:

From Jess being caught on camera taking a fall outside of one of the lovely customers houses! (Pictures to follow haha). – to Kiera not only loosing her car keys, but also her phone in the same day!. Don’t worry all was under control, Jess came to the recuse!. A big Thank you to Rocco and Odie on helping paw with the search aswell! 

With all that said we can’t wait to see what this year bring for the team here at Redditch Dog Walking, we can’t wait to meet more of your fur babies!. If you would like to also see some more of of adventures take jump over to our facebook page 

Love RDW x