I cover all areas within Redditch, Studley and Astwood Bank. Examples of regular places I walk with the dogs would be Studley Castle, Spernall Ash, Sambourne, Ipsley Nature Reserve, Doebank Meadows, Coughton Ford and other more remote areas so the dogs can have off lead play with no worries of bumping into people.

Your dog/s will be walked for the full hour or half an hour depending on your dogs ability, they will also get collected, dropped off and home made treats are provided throughout the walk based on your dogs dietary requirements. Your dog/s will be towelled off after the walk and provided with fresh water before heading home.

I offer 1 hour Group Walk option which is suitable for all dog friendly dogs, on lead or off lead down to the owners preference, this is great for socialising and for tiring out more energetic dogs.

£10 per dog and an additional £5 for a second dog in the same family.

I also offer an Individual Walk which would be more suitable to reactive dogs, dogs who need more training whilst out on walks or elderly dogs who would rather walk at their own pace.

£15 per dog and an additional £5 for a second dog in the same family.

Finally I have a 30 minute walk which is suitable for older dogs or young puppies. £8 per dog

All dogs will need to have a “Meet and Greet” beforehand to discuss any behavioural/health issues or personal requirements.

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